Six Questions San Jose St. Head Coach Dave Nakama Wants Answered About Recruits

Courtesy of FieldLevel

FieldLevel sat down with San Jose State head baseball coach Dave Nakama to ask him about his approach to recruiting.


The former University of Washington and Stanford assistant coach said these are the SIX questions he asks coaches of potential recruits before he and his staff even consider speaking with recruits directly:

1) What’s Good About Him?

  • Offensively
  • Defensively
  • Pitching
  • Baserunning

2) What’s His Best Asset?

  • His pitching mechanics?
  • Hitting approach?
  • Power?
  • Pitching velocity?

3) What Does He Need To Work On?

  • What are his weakest areas?
  • Can he improve in those areas?
  • How long will his development take?

4) Is He Introverted Or Extroverted?

  • Is he outgoing? 
  • Keep to himself?
  • Constantly communicating on defense?

5) How Are His Leadership Skills?

  • Is he a born leader?
  • Do teammates respect him?
  • Listen to him?
  • Follow him? 

6) What’s His Work Ethic Like?

  • Is he a hard worker?
  • Does he practice hard?
  • Does he take plays off?

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