One of the great things about baseball as time goes on is the friendships we make.

Prior to becoming a member of CBA, I had played with a small group from the first day I learned about travel baseball leagues outside of Little League. For the first time since we all went our separate ways, I reconnected with some of our past team's core this morning as we played in the same tournament. We were one victory short of going head to head with their team. That would've been some fun. I am sure I'll have that opportunity some day in the future. Our parents were checking out both games on us as they were played at the same time on different fields.

It's a highlight to see old friends like them as I did this weekend. It seems like everyone is getting bigger and I am staying the same. I have to remind myself that they are about a year, or more, older than me. I'll catch up eventually... in height.

The other side of this is the new friendships I am making within CBA. It's neat how we've got a neat mix of players at practice and for game day rosters. I have a big band of baseball brothers to get to know and play with. 

With more than plenty of baseball to be played into the future, I believe that this brotherhood will only get bigger!

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