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CBA Playbook: Diamond Allegiance, Summer Development, & Recovery

I hope this message finds you well. The purpose of this message is to catch up all of our CBA Members on what is currently in the works for our players and families. Since our inception in 2013, our organization as worked to provide for our players the best products and resources available. During this time, we have tried things that have worked a few that haven’t, but for as long as we are…


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Order Your CBA College Camp Recruiting Video

CBA Uncommitted College Camp | Sept 26-27 | Recruiting Video



We will be sending your individual…


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CBA | At-Home Batting Practice & Swing Development

Players and Parents,

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are beginning our 2nd year with Blast Motion to provide remote swing training with our players. With that in mind, Blast has proven to be a great tool for those who use it regularly as well as for us to be able to provide that remote coaching. During this mandated self-quarantine period, please use…


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Cleveland Indians SS, Tyler Freeman, Explains Athletic Republic

Former CBA Shortstop, Tyler Freeman, explains why he trains at Athletic Republic. After recovering from a torn labrum, Tyler went on to win the New York Penn League Batting Title and finish with a league leading batting average of .352 in…


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The Mike Spiers Foundation Comedy Show

The Mike Spiers Foundation will be holding its 4th annual Comedy Show Fundraiser Dinner at the Rancho Cucamonga Senior Center on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Please RSVP as soon as possible for this event by contacting Beatriz Alvarez by phone or text messaging at (323) 382-2194 or by purchasing your tickets below. We appreciate the support of all who attend and look forward to…


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CBA Bulldog 2016 Catcher, Josh Arkin receives a $2500 Scholarship!

Congratulations to CBA catcher and Newhall resident, Josh Arkin, who received a $2500 college scholarship on Friday evening after the 1st Annual Mike Spiers Foundation Golf Tournament at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course. The other 2016 nominees were Dejuan Gregory (CBA Cavs) of Los Angeles, Peyton Murasky (CBA Wave) of San Diego, Michael Lee (CBA Bulldogs) of…


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CBA Players Given the Opportunity to Give Back

In conjunction with the Mike Spiers Foundation, we are proud to offer our High School players the opportunity to earn community service hours and to give back to the youth in our program by promoting the game of baseball. We believe that all of the players in our high school program have the exceptional ability to lead, and we would like to help them…


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Scout Ball: What it is? What it isn't?

With many amateur baseball programs today pretending to be what they're not, we felt that it's a good time to touch on topic of Scoutball, what it is, and how it's meant to benefit a high school player.

What is Scout Ball?

Scout leagues in Southern California are built by MLB organizations'…


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Don't Hit the College Recruiting Panic Button.

Over the last decade, college recruiting has evolved into a more competitive industry than ever. With Perfect Game and USA Baseball taking center stage with their tournaments and events, their are countless other camps and "showcases" for players to attend and for parents to spend $1000's of dollars on over the course of their kids' high school career. On top of…


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Dress for Success - Taking Pride in Your Appearance

For those of you who wonder why we as a program pay just as much attention to our dress code off the field as we do our uniform code on the field, here is a fun story that took place recently that we'd like to share with you.…


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Updating Your FieldLevel Profile

Parents and Players,

We as a staff will begin sending out more information in the form of a newsletter and would like to touch on topics that will help give our players an edge on the field, academically, and in the recruiting process.


For our High School players, do your best to keep your FieldLevel profile information up to date. After each semester, you should be updating…


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"Either you're stupid or you don't care... and I know you care."

This was a phrase that my dad, Mike Spiers, used on occasion to help bring the best out of his players when they weren't taking care of business. Many times he would say it when guys wouldn't hustle to pick up bats or play catch with the outfielder. When we knew we had responsibilities as players and didn't execute them, he would lightheartedly…


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Mike Spiers Foundation Dinner & Comedy Show Tickets are now on sale!

The Mike Spiers Foundation will be holding its 1st fundraising event at Steven's Steakhouse in the City of Commerce on November 15.


Please RSVP as soon as possible for this event by contacting Aurora Jubile by phone or text messaging at (909) 957-0340 or by purchasing your tickets. 


We appreciate the support of all who are attend and look forward to seeing all of…


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Six Questions San Jose St. Head Coach Dave Nakama Wants Answered About Recruits

Courtesy of FieldLevel

FieldLevel sat down with San Jose State head baseball coach Dave Nakama to ask him about his approach to recruiting.


The former University of Washington and Stanford assistant coach said these are the SIX questions he asks coaches of potential recruits before he and his staff even consider speaking with recruits…


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5 Major reasons you should think twice about sliding head first

What are the real dangers of sliding head first, is it faster, and is it worth it?


"A 2003 study in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine said there was "no significant difference" in speed between sliding headfirst and feetfirst."


As an advocate of…


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