Mike Spiers Foundation

The passion to further the careers and dreams of young athletes was the driving force behind Mike's will to seek out opportunities for them. He left behind a legacy for his family, friends, colleagues, and admirers to build upon, and as we do so, we look back on how Mike Spiers would have executed a task. As we go forward laying the bricks onto the foundation that Mike built, we will continue to provide the resources and opportunities that is necessary for a young student-athlete to achieve his goals.

The Mike Spiers Foundation provides the funding needed for many athletes to attend necessary college recruiting events. We also provide equipment, crucial educational materials, academic services, and scholarship funds for the student-athlete that has furthered their education and competition level to the college level. 

Today, we look forward to passing on the Mike Spiers legacy, as we hope you take part in the journey that our foundation is on. CBA is proud to be one of several youth programs that work with the foundation.

To learn more about the Mike Spiers Foundation or to sign up to be apart of the Mike Spiers Foundation online community, please visit www.MikeSpiers.org





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