Infielders: watch closely as Nick Allen, former CBA SS & current player in @athletics organization, fields some ground balls and flashes some fundamentals

PLAY 1: footwork puts glove in position to receive long hop. Short glove movement through the ball with both hands together allows the ball to get into the throwing hand to provide an option to either get rid of t
The ball w/ a plus runner or reset his feet to get on top for a below-average runner. There’s minimal glove movement as it stays close to his body once his feet are set to throw. GOOD HABIT: his glove stays open throughout this particular play •
PLAY 2: Reads ball off bat & runs toward a sharply hit ground ball to get a hop he can easily handle and cut distance. Glove works slightly through ball as he receives w/ 1 hand in glove pocket. Glove closes slightly this time but re-opens right away to make quick transfer to get control of the ball w/ his throwing hand so he’s ready to release when his feet are set. Footwork is very similar to Play 1 after receiving the ground ball to help repeat his delivery to 1B. Again, glove stays close to his body for throw.

PLAY 3: Softly hit groundball a little to his left requires more efficiency in catch & throw w/ less time to get the out. Short glove movement while receiving allows ball to get into his hand right away to make throw from low arm slot.

PLAY 4: Slow roller requires Nick to attack this play a little more to get the out. He gets away from the fundamentals a bit as the ball pops up on him with a tough hop, but his athleticism allows him to adapt & continue w/ the play. NOTE: A strong fundamental foundation puts you in the best position to react to non-routine plays.

PLAY 5: Backhand play 6 steps to the right in the 6-hole also requires quick transfer into the hand to make a strong throw as soon as possible. Ball gets in hand away from the body to free up arm action to get on top efficiently. This is required for longer throws to get outs w/ plus runners. Footwork towards 1B after getting the ball in his hand is consistent with PLAYS 1 & 2 w/ the same glove action close to the body to again repeat delivery.

Note: Gold Glove defense can be learned

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