CBA Players Given the Opportunity to Give Back

In conjunction with the Mike Spiers Foundation, we are proud to offer our High School players the opportunity to earn community service hours and to give back to the youth in our program by promoting the game of baseball. We believe that all of the players in our high school program have the exceptional ability to lead, and we would like to help them cultivate the confidence in an environment they are very familiar with... on the field with our younger players who look up to them.

CBA now has youth teams as young as 9.  Working with our parents and CBA staff, through the Mike Spiers Foundation, we believe this will be a great opportunity for our High School players to gain community service hours putting themselves in a position to earn community based scholarship opportunities and accolade by helping coach our youth teams at practices and games. We are looking forward to helping all of our players even more.

If you are a CBA High School player and would like to participate in our community service program, please CONTACT US here.

About the Mike Spiers Foundation
The passion to further the careers and dreams of young athletes was the driving force behind Mike's will to seek out opportunities for them. He left behind a legacy for his family, friends, colleagues, and admirers to build upon, and as we do so, we look back on how Mike Spiers would have executed a task. As we go forward laying the bricks onto the foundation that Mike built, we will continue to provide the resources and opportunities that is necessary for young athletes to achieve their goals.

The Mike Spiers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides materials, funding, and scholarship opportunities for underprivileged athletes. Our non-profit TAX-ID # is 47-5339258.

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